Affiliate Program

BLOGGER Affiliate Program:

Are you a beauty blogger, fashion blogger, Youtube Guru or stylist! If so we want you to join the team. Please email us at SOCIALMEDIA.GIAMONAE@GMAIL.COM so we can discuss a collaboration and how you can become part of our BLOGGER affiliate program and earn money with us. <3


If you are an avid Gia Monae shopper and lover. We are so ecstatic to introduce you to our Affiliate Program open to all customers. 

You may sign up with the link below. Where you will receive your own custom link and if desired you may email us at QUESTIONS@GIAMONAE.COM to request a custom coupon code to advertise with any purchase you make to share with your friends and followers.

If a customer uses your direct link to make a purchase you will earn 5% of the completed sale after a months time. You may also request a coupon code for your friends, family and followers that allows them to save 10% of their purchase on qualifying items and you will earn 5% of the completed sale. 

So if your ready to be part of the team click the link below.

In a perfect world you and your friends would be able shop and make money at the same DAMN TIME! Well guess what? Because Gia Monae is super awesome! You can now make money by referring friends to shop our site. Every purchase that is made with your code/link will be credited to you! Even if you use your own code! Hey Girl Heyyy! So shop till you drop and encourage your friends to do the same because now your making money while spending it <3