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Tuesday October 17, 2017

Welcome back girl, today we are talking about fall accessories, right now we are loving corduroy jackets, backpack bags and paper boy hats. Here is some inspiration for what we are going to be talking about this week, so let's get right into it...


if you couldn't tell we are getting a little bit of a 70's/ Vintage vibe from all these new items, but of course if you're not into that you can always add your own touch to this. So I'm totally obsessing over this look, all black (who doesn't love those outfits?) with a pop of color with that brown corduroy hat. So paper boy hats have been around for a while, a lot of celebrities wear these on the go or when they are having a bad hair day, but I'm here to tell you that you don't have to be having a bad hair day to rock one of these hats These caps will kick your style up a notch and you'll find thousands of outfits to pair them with.


I'm totally obsessed how these both outfits used the cap as a pop of color, and it works so good because its perfect for the fall color palette. Also wanted to mention that these backpacks bags are going to be everything for you this season, especially when you are on the go you can toss all your things and even your lunch in here and walk out with style. I actually currently use one and i love it!

Here is some fashion inspiration using a black paper boy hat, so would you wear this?


OK.. NOW let's talk about this beautiful corduroy jacket we have (it's selling fast! and we just restocked) We fell in love with this jacket because you can style it up in so many different ways and it ALWAYS looks good, It's a light material and easy to move in. Style it up with a simple layered necklace like the Belief Layered Necklace. Here is some fashion inspiration using these two..


I hope you guys enjoyed this different style and approach to a fall trend, We like to always give you guys a variety of different styles to always keep you on trend or always have something for everyone's style. Let us know how we are doing and what you love seeing here on the blog, snap us inspiration photos or any photos of yourself if you've tried any of these styles. Thank you for reading and don't forget to stay stylish - Gia Monae Team



Tuesday, October 10, 2017

 Hey girl, so today we are going to cover LATEX, yes it's a bit daring, a bit sexy but it's so hot once its on. I have been seeing latex everywhere, whether its leggings, dresses or jackets, LATEX has always been in, and its always here to make a statement every fall season. Of course I found a bunch of inspo so let's see if you like this and want to be part of the latex trend...


SO now that you have fallen for latex lets give you some real fashion looks you can rock with us, below we have a "Get the Look" featuring the exact dress that amber rose wore, but definitely for less so lets get to it girl, we love bargains here...


Ok Yesss! I'll take everything in the picture right? soo cute! Now if your not a fan of the pink, we do have the dress in Black which is perfect for nights out, your birthday and even for a halloween costume you can be Elvira or a sexy vampire in that dress girl!


we do offer this dress in multiple colors, which honestly a bunch of celebrities have been wearing.. search "Get you a Man Latex "on the site to see what all the colors we have, trust me this is a perfect dress for any special occasion. In this next outfit we are going to be featuring a style inspiration from the runway, featuring our "Latex Moto Jacket" and our "clueless block heel"..


I hope you guys enjoyed this week's style inspiration and if you rocked any of these similiar looks send us a DM on our instagram @gia_monae or an snapchat @gia-monae.

Stay stylish and come back for next week. - GIA MONAE TEAM



 Tuesday, October 3, 2017

It's finally October and what it seems like here in California, the weather is starting to feel more like actual fall, whether your from a colder city or warmer, you can all benefit from the Camo trend.  Today we are going to be talking all about CAMO, CAMOFLAUGE or ARMY PRINT, whatever you like to call this timeless print. This never goes out of style and there's hundreds of way to style around it. We just got in our "Camo Joggers" and I got a little inspo here that might make you wanna rock this trend all season long..


Alright now that I got you asking for more, let's talk about camo joggers, you might be seeing them on instagram lately and that's because these are one of the hottest trend of the season for fall and winter. Whether you love or hate Kim Kardashian West, one thing we can admit is that her outfits are worth looking at, whether its her stylist or herself doing the style you can't help but gain some inspiration from it. Here she was seen wearing joggers with a basic tank and some stilettos. Along with other celebrites taking the more simple approach to styling this outfit that will make the camoflauge pants the statement piece. Here is how you can get the look at GIA...


here's Kim's take on the camo pants wearing it with a simple white tank and 90's looking shades, it even seems she cut the pants for the bermuda look that was in the first picture ......




OK now lets talk CAMO JACKETS.. I love camo jackets and I think this is definately a wardrobe staple along with a moto leather jacket. They really do dress up or down an outfit they are a MUST HAVE, and here is some inspiration you can take with camo jackets and how to rock them!


Here's a way to turn up that camo jacket, just like riri taught us..


I hope you enjoyed this post and of theres anything in particular you would like to see dont forget to snap us or send us inspiration via instagram!  until next time! Stay Stylish - GIA MONAE TEAM


       September 26th, 2017


Hey Lovesl! Glad to see your back for another fashion and inspo post. Sooo we just got in this NEW Faux Fur Coat and let me tell you guys. I am in love with it! Sure, you may think its "boujee" but let's face it from time to time it doesn't hurt to feel that way. However I like to look at this piece as a VERY versatile piece that can dressed up or down and not necessarily "boujee"  at all.So let's get started, I'm excited to show you the different ways you can style this piece!

 Now if you love SEX AND THE CITY like me then you know this is a Carrie Bradshaw coat for sure! Here's some fashion inspo from the icon.


It isn't your typical thought to pair these two patterns together, but its easy on the eyes and somehow gives me major city girl vibes, pair this coat with a easy flowy floral dress  (which im sure you have in your closet already) and our On the Daily Taupe Heels for the perfect staple shoe that will just flow into this outfit so perfectly. Add your favorite nude lipstick and a our good as gold purse and youare set girlfriend, looking like you just came out of the SATC episode!


Now that I've covered a new take on the dressy outfit, lets talk about the less casual looks, so I know it SOUNDS kinda crazy to pair this "luxurious" looking coat with sneakers but wait till you see it together and you might change your mind about this! I see a lot of celebrities rocking their coats casually so lets see what I came up with...


Of course, we ALL don't live our lives like KANYE but hey its called inspiration for a reason right? This street style is perfect for a chill day running errands or hanging in the city with friends especially if you live in cold cities. Not to mention this outfit is incredibly comfortable who doesn't love wearing sneakers? 



Hope you guys enjoy this post and got some more ideas of how to style this coat this winter. See you next week for another blog post!Stay Stylish- Jeanette

September 19th, 2017

Hello again! Today we are talking about Off Shoulder Jackets, because we just got in this Quinn off the Shoulder Jacket If you're like me then you wear leather jackets like crazy (faux leather) and you know that they completely make an outfit, even the simplest outfit will become instantly better with a leather jacket.

This is a  NEW take on the leather jacket because its off shoulder and its sexy especially while transitioning to fall and winter.  I took inspiration from this Cosmopolitan issue where Hilary Duff is seen wearing this off shoulder jacket with some denim shorts, creating a contrast that is easy on the eyes!



 Photo DO not belong to Gia Monae.


Get the look  here with us, and add your favorite liquid lipstick ( this is one of my personal favorites below) to your look and you're ready for a night out that's fun and easy to move in.



What do you guys think about this look, would you wear this and how would you wear it? Tweet us or send us inspirations to us on our Instagram or snap chat, we would love to hear your feedback!




 SHOP THE Quinn off the Shoulder Jacket here! Thank you for reading! Stay Stylish

xo- Jeanette & Gia Monae




September 12, 2017     

Hey there!

Today we are going to be talking about SWEATER WEATHER baby! So we all know Fall is our favorite season because of all the fun stuff you can layer and lets face it, its thigh high season! Today I did some trend forecasting and this is what I came up with...




Cream sweaters! It seems like this is always a staple in our closet every fall/ winter season, so if your not on that wagon, hop on to it girlfriend! Wear this on cloudy days to school or work, you can even wear this out to a bar on cold nights with some pumps. Let alone this color is absolutely flattering to any skin and hair color. You will have so much fun playing with fall lip colors, imagine a dark ruby red lip with this... ughh yeah you need it... trust me!

-Our Fall Vibes Sweater is perfect for this especially because it adds little details that make it unique, offering side slits and that V cut just to add a touch of feminine and sexy.

Fall Vibes Sweater Only $19.99 ( under layer up outerwear)



ok now that you got this perfect sweater, how to accessorize it?

No problem I gotcha girl! Adding a bandana as a choker scarf,

is a unique and fun way to add some flair to your outfit. Look

at this and tell me that's not cute!


add detail with our black bandanas that are only $3.99 ( on our accessories tab)

and not to mention layering with necklaces, we have a bunch you can get this

look with all on our accessories tab!

Cruz Necklace only $13.00


Now lets talk... SHOES! This season its going to be all about PUMPS! essential go to's

just getting better, a lot of inspo is coming from these Manolo Blanik Lace up pumps,

to be honest I haven't even looked at the price tag and i won't need to be able to tell

you this girl cant afford that kinda shoe! So heres some Gia Inspo to help us rock these

with our cozy sweaters all fall and winter!


Look under our shoes tab to find more sexy pumps that will complete your look this season! and if you follow us on instagram you'll know that  we have a shoe deal every tuesday, its called TUESDAYSHOESDAY, see what did I tell you I had your back girl!

- Stay Stylish