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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Hey girlfriend! We have another designer inspired item , and it happens to be i=on TUESDAY SHOESDAY again, in which you
can save $5 off all shoes in the shoe bar. So I know we all love sandals or slides so I think we can all appreciate these new
sandals, whether you like designer stuff or not. These new slides are called the Designer on a Dime Slide and they are
available in White, Rose Gold, Tan & Black. These sandals are inspired by Hermes.

The photos above are with the original Hermes Oran Sandals, which get this retail for about $700, Ekk! It's a little out of my price range I would say
just for sandals, but hey we got you girl! We have the inspired sandals for $22! Yeah that's like 98% of savings! So now that I got your attention let's talk
about styling these super comfortable and stylish sandals.

One of my favorite colors in this sandal is the tan color, why? because its a neutral color. What I love about the outfit inspo picture
above is the fact that they used an all black outfit and used the tan sandal as the pop of color. This is perfect if you don't want an
extremely eye catching color. Also this sandal is perfect for summer because it will go with all the floral dresses etc.

So what color would you choose? I love this all denim outfit and again using the sandal as the statement piece.
Don't forget to use the code:TUESDAYSHOESDAY today to save $5 off all shoes in the shoe bar.
Thank you for being here and see you soon!
-The Gia Monae Team

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Hey there so its been quite a few weeks since we last updated you on here, if you don't follow us on Instagram then you are missing
out on all the savings we have been giving you all month long, with new kits and bundles we have been making its been quiet hectic.
However I wanted to talk to you all about these NEW Mule Flats we just received. Now I know these might not seem like an
everyday shoe for you, but I'm here to prove to you that they can be just that and more. These Flats are designer inspired, Steve madden carries
this style in many different prints and colors, but of course for a higher price, and the original inspiration from this style of shoe is from
Dolce Vita. I have put them side to side for you all to compare with prices and all, so what do you think?


So as you guys can see it is over an $100 savings to get the look with our La Muy Muy Studded Mule, these flats run small,
so i would suggest going up half a size. I usually wear a 6.5 and the size 7 fit me best. These would be great for wide feet, because they
are roomy and they are perfect just to slip on and look stylish and expensive. At this point anything that is studded is an automatic designer look.
So l have gathered some style inspiration for these flats...



As you can see these mules are the next sandal, rock these mules as if they were your go to everyday shoe, I can only explain a few outfit choices for these
but let's be realistic there is so many ways to style these! Pair with your favorite basic tee and shorts all summer long. Rock a band tee and distressed
jeans and add these studded flats for that extra edge. Throw on a mini skirt and lace bodysuit to add texture to your look. How would you rock this?
These flats can be found online "La Muy Muy Studded Slides" for only $23.99 Stay up to date with us on all our social media for discount codes
or ways to save even more money on these. Thank you for reading and stay stylish - The Gia Monae Team

Thursday March 29th, 2018

So if you like designer things but can't be spending money like a designer than this post will be very exciting for you, so following last weeks post
we are going to be talking ( in your case reading) about accessories again! I mean let's face it accessories can make or break your outfit girl!
Today we are talking about earrings, our NEW Saint Earrings and if you like a statement earring than lets make a statement!
These gorgeous oversized cross earrings are inspired by Dolce & Gabanna, and without even looking at the price, we already know we would 
be paying someone's mortgage if we purchase a set. So let's get that off the back burner and let you know that we have these inspired earrings
at only $8.99! The great thing about these earrings are that they require very little effort, they are the real statement. Pair with your hair up for
a sleek and sophisticated look, pop on your favorite red lip and you are ready, Here's a TOOK THE LOOK
I love the detail of these earrings, these earrings are not too heavy but pairing it with your favorite lace top, or lace dress would be a
G&B inspired look. This whole cross earrings look was inspired by D&G FW 2013, but its just coming on trend for intagram
boutiques. Do you love designer inspired looks? or do you just love this look in general?
Love these earrings? Grab them before they're gone, because remember what they say " nothing haunts you more than the things you
didn't buy", do you guys agree with that statement? For only $8.99, I mean can you really go wrong?! Thank you so much
for reading and staying stylish with us! Until next time! - Xo The Gia Monae Team

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Hey! Welcome back to another segment of the style tip, today we are talking all about dressing like a celebrity without spending like a celebrity. We have pretty much been talking all about
that for a couple weeks, and if you aren't subscribed to our You tube channel, then you've been missing all the good videos we have been uploading recently on celebrity looks for a budget.
So as we all know GUCCI bags are a dreamy essential in a woman's closet, another thing we know is that the luxury of having one of those bags is as much as our rent ( if not double or triple
our rent) girl! and I don't know about you but i rather have a roof over my head than a bag but hey that's just me! So what do you do if you still want the look, well we have brought in some
Designer inspired bags for more than a fraction of the price. So let's see what everyone's been loving lately..
beyonce.pngSo first up we have imitation bags, so these bags have a VERY similar look as some gucci bags, of course they are not identical but so close that a regular person walking
by would never guess its not the real thing. So this first bag is a velvet bag . I love this bag because its black and it also comes in various colors. You can dress up velvet but also dress it
down here like Kourtney has shown, she was spotted rocking this statement bag with vans and some distressed jeans. The quality and look of this bag is beautiful, it even features the
heart effect on the back of the bag. The price is only $49.99! compare that to almost $1,800. I know what I'm going to say might break your heart a little but at the moment this bag
is currently sold out! I know one of the most terrifying things to hear, but it will be coming back in a few weeks so look out for out "Bougee B*^!"
bag and if you see it, make sure you grab it because these are selling like hot cakes!


So this next bag is also designer inspired, I love this whole snake detail, this bag is he perfect amount of glam to an everyday outfit and will complete any
day night look. It's Sleek and the snake gives it a little edge. What do you think about these bags? Would you rock?

Talk about saving money, that above Gucci bag is almost $5,000! Trust me when I say we are here to help girlfriend! So maybe you like the look
but you don't really see yourself wearing an imitation or maybe being flashy isn't your thing! Hey I hear you! I'm actually not into labels like that
myself, but i can admit these are gorgeous looking bags! We have also brought in "The LOOK" cross body bags which just like the name
will just give u the look with out the "CG" Here's a comparison and inspo picture below...

If red wasn't a hot color itself, imagine this in a crossbody, well you can get the look without the CG if it's not your style.So rock the bag in red for a pop of
color and it finishes off every look. So let me know your thoughts on these bags, not to scare you but these are selling so quick, so by the time you are reading this
you might want to checkout real quick. Hope you enjoy this post, see you next week and don't forget to stay stylish! - Jeanette from the Gia Monae Team,

Thursday, March 1st, 2018

Hello Sunshines! (in Jackie's voice, but its really just Jeanette) Today is the first of the month and I decided to bring you a post with something a little more on the
casual side.
Today we are talking all about girl boss tees! Now every one of us has a boss girl in us so we decided to bring in these graphic tees that show just that,
plus the cool thing about this is that being a girlboss is ALWAYS on trend., so you'll always look poppin' girl!
Now if you haven't seen this tee all over Instagram or Tumblr, don't you worry, you will soon cause girl who doesn't love a white tee with a little red in their lives.
With that being said its actually the perfect time to buy this adorable top because no one else has it! These tees are perfect because its a great basic that has so much personality,
just like you do, duh! Pair with your favorite blue jeans, and you got that complimentary look going on there. Lastly all you need is your favorite red lipstick! Here take a look
yourself and dare to tell me you can't see yourself rocking this look!
don't you just love these simple but unforgettable outfits, I know Ido cause when I'm trying to go on a little adventure but have to worry about what to wear,
these are the type of outfits that just WORK and the greater part is that theyre instagram photo worthy! Yes!! The outfit can easily be accesorized
with some cute shades and a red lipstick, I love this lipstick pictured above because it's super comfortable (its a silky-matte) cause no one wants crust red lips!
Lipstick: "Taxi girl" by atomicmakeupnyc | Tee: "girlboss tee"
our girl boss tees come in multiple colors , the black tee is an in store exclusive, so if your around the area you can stop now to get your own. So i know
what someone of you might be thinking well what if I'm not a girl boss? Girl all of us have it in us to be a girl boss, you don't have to be a business
owner, what it means to be a girl boss, is that your a girl that takes pride in your work ethic, and you take initiatives to handle your own like a real
boss, what makes you a girl boss? We would love to know! Thank you for reading this post and i hope you gained some inspiration ! Please tag us in your
girl boss tees to be featured on our site! See you next time! As always stay stylish - Jeanette from the Gia Monae Team

Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Hi everyone! Long time no talk, It has been pretty hectic here lately but I  was waiting for the perfect item to feature into this blog. The weather is crazy here in 
California, but for the most part we are guaranteed to get a sunny day every week, which leads me to introduce the button up skirts. You might have seen these everywhere,
and it's because these skirts truly hit it off, reminiscing of the 70's era these easy to wear skirts are all the craze. Here's a look into these super cute minis...


 of course, they are completely versatile, making you look put together and cute for a casual look or trendy and fun for a night time look.The button up detail of the skirts really gives it an edgy look. The first outfit is a casual outfit, but i can see this being a hit in the night time with a leather jacket,and guess what, you can complete this look by reaching in to your boyfriend's closet so what do you think?


 I am literally obsessed with that outfit, its perfect and it even has a little masculinity to the outfit which i think is great. I love mixing two styles and making it work. Now if you love the black mini, you will love the white mini skirt, because let's face it white is perfect for spring and summer. Even pairing this white skirt over your bikini would scream summer! Although I mean who even listens to that rule " do not wear white after labor day weekend" you can do whatever you want girl! Wear it all year round with thigh high boots and a leather jacket, who's following that rule now? Below i posted a "TOOK THE LOOK" for you all to enjoy..


This easy look is perfect for anyone on the go, it looks like you put a lot of effort in to your outfit because of the skirt. That's the great thing about the skirt it is so can wear it with a bikini, a graphic tee, even a long sleeve and some boots. You can turn up the heat and add fishnets under for an edgier look. I mean if Cher even wore this skirt what can't you style to this that won't look good together. How would you style these?


AS IF, there wasn't so much to pair with these skirts, this ties up our style tip segment.We hope you enjoyed reading this and hope you found this helpful in styling dilemmas in the future. You can find these skirts online now and in stores at, "Jenny Button Up Skirt" available in white and black. If you did enjoy this please share your style inspo picture with us by tagging us! As always stay stylish!  - Jeanette from the Gia Monae Team


Tuesday, December 12th 2017

 Hey girl and happy holidays! The holidays are approaching VERY near and today I am going to talk about holiday wear for christmas, christmas parties or for new years. We just got in these satin dresses that I am in love with! These are essentials for any formal wear event and are totally eye catching! Below I will show you some satin inspiration that will have you screaming for Satin this season....


As if rihanna didn't make everything look good, its easy to see why this satin yellow/gold dress is something we are totally crushing on this season. We have this new dress "Till Dawn Satin Midi Dress" in the beautiful yellow/gold color that looks amazing on any skin tone. It is a shorter dress, but any satin dress is gorgeous is our point here. 


Make a big statement this year at your new years or holiday events, and don't be shy to show a little leg, this gorgeous gold shade looks amazing paired with clean makeup and a bold red lip. Add your favorite black accessories and you are picture perfect. What's the most daring thing you've worn this holiday? Tweet us and dm us we would love to know! We want to wish you a happy holiday and thank you for your support always . Thank you for reading and as always stay stylish - The Gia Monae Team.

 Tuesday November 28th, 2017


Hi there! So November is coming to an end and if your in any other place in the world that experiencing some cold then you will also enjoy our new item (which let me add is currently at an intro price of $25 for cyber Monday) So we got a lot of requests from you ladies on Snapchat and DM's suggesting to bring this knot back sweater in and that's just what we did! We got it just in time to save some $$$. So if you don't know exactly what sweater I'm talking about below i have gathered a compliance of some photos of this lovely sweater...


Now that you know exactly what I'm talking about I'm sure you agree that this sweater is hot! It is the perfect bit of sexy, its mysterious yet warm for the perfect date night. You can even wear the sweater facing forward to change it up a bit. Of course the sweater wasn't made to be reversible but hey in fashion there is no rules! right? So what i love about this sweater is that it literally just styles itself, add your favorite jeans and your ready and out to the door, Below I have added some inspiration photos along with simple ways to style this sweater...

 pair with your favorite black jeans and leather jacket as seen in the above photo , and pair with your favorite side bag, all you would need to finish this look is your mama bear booties.

 Honestly though, side note these BRIT HIGH RISE MOM JEANS fit so amazing! They are high waisted and the wash of the jeans alone would look soooo good with any of our sweaters!  Our sweaters are called the KNOT GRANDMA'S SWEATERS, and they come in 3 different colors, So you can enjoy them all season.


so what do you think? Are you going to be rocking it this season? I think ill be wearing the olive one for christmas! how could you not! Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoyed this post and style inspiration and as always stay stylish! - THE GIA MONAE TEAM


 Monday, November 20th 2017

 Hey everyone and welcome back to another segment of the style and fashion blog, we are getting so excited to rock fur around here, so today's blog will be focused on fur everything. Faux fur of course, because we all love our animals here. We posted this meme we created on our Instagram and many of you agreed to wanting to have your closet full of fur...

One thing I am really loving besides the obvious fur coats is fur bags! Now we have been seeing this seriously from the 90's and spice girls rocking these but these fur bags will never go out of style. You can always opt for a more subtle approach like our new Cher Fur Clutches we just got in, pair with any outfit for the purrfect touch..

Now if your into statement outfits then you will probably remember about riri's iconic pink coat fur look, even if you don't like pink for some reason you might still find this outfit eye pleasing. We got the perfect pink faux fur coat to get a little touch of this outfit.. really not a fan of pink? no worries this coat comes in multiple colors so you can have fun creating any monochromatic outfit you feel comfortable in....