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Monday, January 8th 2018

Hi There and Happy 2018! This year we want to bring changes and a lot more of fashion.



Tuesday, December 12th 2017

 Hey girl and happy holidays! The holidays are approaching VERY near and today I am going to talk about holiday wear for christmas, christmas parties or for new years. We just got in these satin dresses that I am in love with! These are essentials for any formal wear event and are totally eye catching! Below I will show you some satin inspiration that will have you screaming for Satin this season....

As if rihanna didnt make everything look good, its easy to see why this satin yellow/gold dress is something we are totally crushing on this season. We have this new dress "Till Dawn Satin Midi Dress" in the beautiful yellow/gold color that looks amazing on any skin tone.
Make a big statement this year at your new years or holiday events.
Tuesday November 28th, 2017
Hi there! So November is coming to an end and if your in any other place in the world that experiencing some cold then you will also enjoy our new item (which let me add is currently at an intro price of $25 for cyber Monday) So we got a lot of requests from you ladies on Snapchat and DM's suggesting to bring this knot back sweater in and that's just what we did! We got it just in time to save some $$$. So if you don't know exactly what sweater I'm talking about below i have gathered a compliance of some photos of this lovely sweater...
Now that you know exactly what I'm talking about im sure you agree that this sweater is hot! It is the perfect bit of sexy, its mysterious yet warm for the perfect date night. You can even wear the sweater facing forward to change it up a bit. Of course the sweater wasn't made to be reversible but hey in fashion there is no rules! right? So what i love about this sweater is that it literally just styles itself, add your favorite jeans and your ready and out to the door, Below I have added some inspiration photos along with simple ways to style this sweater...
pair with your favorite black jeans and leather jacket as seen in the above photo , and pair with your favorite side bag, all you would need to finish this look is your mama bear booties.
Honestly though, side note these BRIT HIGH RISE MOM JEANS fit so amazing! They are high waisted and the wash of the jeans alone would look soooo good with any of our sweaters!  Our sweaters are called the KNOT GRANDMA'S SWEATERS, and they come in 3 different colors, So you can enjoy them all season.
so what do you think? Are you going to be rocking it this season? I think ill be wearing the olive one for christmas! how could you not! Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoyed this post and style inspiration and as always stay stylish! - THE GIA MONAE TEAM
Monday, November 20th 2017
Hey everyone and welcome back to another segment of the style and fashion blog, we are getting so excited to rock fur around here, so today's blog will be focused on fur everything. Faux fur of course, because we all love our animals here. We posted this meme we created on our Instagram and many of you agreed to wanting to have your closet full of fur...

One thing I am really loving besides the obvious fur coats is fur bags! Now we have been seeing this seriously from the 90's and spice girls rocking these but these fur bags will never go out of style. You can always opt for a more subtle approach like our new Cher Fur Clutches we just got in, pair with any outfit for the purrfect touch..

Now if your into statement outfits then you will probably remember about riri's iconic pink coat fur look, even if you don't like pink for some reason you might still find this outfit eye pleasing. We got the perfect pink faux fur coat to get a little touch of this outfit.. really not a fan of pink? no worries this coat comes in multiple colors so you can have fun creating any monochromatic outfit you feel comfortable in....